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MesaLabs ML-One End-of-Life Notification

MesaLabs ML-One Multi-Range Flow Calibrator

MesaLabs ML-One End-of-Life Notification

We received an end-of-life notice for the ML-One precision flow calibration instrument from MesaLabs effective June 29, 2015.  Mesa Labs will continue to accept RMAs for service and calibration of your ML-One(s) for three years from the date of this notice, dependent on the availability of parts.

To obtain an RMA for calibration or service, visit Mesa’s website at<> or contact customer service by phone at 973-492-8400 or by email at <>.

End-of-life for a product is a recognition on-going advances in technology and the obsolescence of parts, both of which seem to be occurring at an ever increasing frequency. This is a reality we have to deal with. As outlined in the notice, calibration and service for ML-Ones will continue to be available for 3 years and so long as parts continue to be available. SMG/interlink is ready to assist you with replacement flow calibration and would like to confidentially discuss your application and needs. We can be contacted by email at <> or phone 1-800-804-6196 or  972-985-0883.