SMG/interlink® has served customers since 1994. Our purpose is to assist you in selecting instruments for your application. Our competitive edge is customer service – answering your questions.

SMG/interlink sells instruments from well known manufacturers. Manufacturers who are  known for their dedication to quality and for being leaders in the areas they serve.  The instruments must be reliable under all conditions. And, we want to be certain that the product you buy today is not out of date tomorrow.

Our success relies on long term relationships with you, our customers and with our principals.  We work with others in the supply competitively and occasionally cooperatively. Our objective is  providing prompt efficient solutions for you. When needed, we will draw on outside experts for answers. When you experience a problem  there is a knowledgeable person available to work with you for a solution to the problem. And, a real person answers our phone. SMG/interlink seeks to learn as much as possible about your needs. With that understanding we are in a position to recommend a product or program to address your needs.

Product Areas:

  • Portable gas detectors
  • Confined space monitors
  • DryCal flow calibrators
  • Calibration gases and gas regulators
  • Sampling pumps
  • Heat stress monitors
  • Hot wire and vane anemometers
  • HVAC balancing instruments
  • Digital manometers (PDMs)
  • Indoor air quality monitoring instruments (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide)
  • IR Cameras/Thermal Imaging systems
  • Noise dosimeters
  • Sound level meters
  • Thermometers
  • Thermohygrometers

Manufacturers SMG/interlink represents

  • Advanced Calibration Design (ACD),
  • Bios International division of Mesa Laboratories,
  • Dwyer Instruments,
  • Gasco Gas LLC,
  • GrayWolf Sensing Solutions LLC (Solomat),
  • Honeywell Safety Products,
  • Sper Scientific,
  • Testo USA, Inc.

SMG/interlink was organized in 1994 as SMG, a sole proprietorship, and became part of Interlink Marketing Corporation in 1996. Today SMG operates as Interlink Marketing Corporation dba SMG/interlink. The company’s office is at 2203 Glen Forest Lane, Plano, Texas 75023. Our phone number is 972-985-0883 and fax number is 972-985-3252. Web site is at www.smglink.com. Send your email correspondence to edsward@smglink.com.

SMG/interlink® is a registered trademark with the US Patent Office.

Dr. Edward Sward is a major stockholder in Interlink Marketing Corporation. He earned a BA from Augustana College, Rock Island, IL and his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY (now State University of New York  at Buffalo).

Dr. Sward has held positions with DuPont, DuPont International, Celanese, El Paso Products, El Paso Hydrocarbons Co and Odessa Natural Corp. He was an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Management in the School of Business at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. He was a principal in Sward Management Group and is now President of Interlink Marketing Corporation.

Drawing on his long involvement in the energy industry with El Paso Company subsidiaries he is also a technology consultant to WTRG Economics. His more than 60 years experience spans management, business development, research, operations, finance and strategic planning.

SMG/interlink works closely with Brandt Instruments, an affiliated company in Prairieville, Louisiana.

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