54-21-12, Posi3 USB Upgrade for 5500 psig


54-21-12, Posi3 USB Upgrade for 5500 psig. Factory installation includes annual rectification. Requires Posi3 USB for upgrade.


54-21-12, Posi3 USB Upgrade for 5500 psig

54-21-12, Posi3 USB Upgrade for 5500 psig. Requires Posi3 USB for upgrade.  Honeywell Posi3 USB SCBA Test Benches are the industry leading NFPA compliant SCBA test bench. The PosiChek family of SCBA testers dates from 1988 and is the industry standard for fire departments, chemical plants, refineries, nuclear power stations and military forces world wide. The Posi3 USB takes automation the next step, communicating with your PC via Universal Serial Bus (USB) protocol. No more parallel ports. The latest software has improved search capabilities and increase detailed reporting. For those with a cascade air supply the Auto Advance Feature  makes testing even quicker.

54-21-12, Instrument Upgrade Package for 5500 psig

The Honeywell Posi3 USB and Posi3 USB with SDS upgrade for 5500 psig  service includes:

  • Adds 5500 psig intake manifold capability for service with higher pressure air supply tanks
  • Includes annual calibration and return shipping

NOTE: Instrument must be Posi3 USB for 5500 psig upgrade. Older, non USB instruments can not be upgraded to Posi3 USB. Call us (1-800-804-6196) with your serial number and we will check with the factory for any specific upgrades your Posi3 USB instrument will require and the total cost of upgrading you current instrument for 5500 psig service.


Features of the Posi3 USB with 5500 psig capability include:

  • Perform NFPA 1852 test mandates for annual testing of SCBA and supplied-air equipment
  • Face piece leak check
  • Exhalation check valve opening pressure
  • Static face piece pressure
  • Bypass flow rate
  • Pressure gauge accuracy
  • Low pressure alarm activation
  • First stage regulator performance
  • Calibrate newer 5500 psig SCBAs
  • Breathing resistance at standard work rate (40 LPM)
  • Breathing resistance at maximum work rate (100 LPM)
  • Quick Test allows evaluation of a SCBA’s service readiness in less than 2 minutes, consumes less than 1% of its air supply
  • Software runs on Windows XP and later

Test Software Compatibility

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Pentium 4 processor, 2.o GHz or faster
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Minimum 50 MB available hard disk space
  • USB 2.0 port
  • CD-ROM drive

Ordering Instructions

The ordering process for your upgrade for 5500 psig requires a purchase order and confirmed method of payment. We suggest you call us (1-800-804-6196 or 972-985-0883) with your instrument serial number and we will check with the factory if additional upgrades are needed for your Posi3 USB and cost.




Additional information

Dimensions 23 × 23 × 22 in

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