Calibration Gas

Calibration gases for hazardous gas detectors and laboratory instruments in PPM ranges. Calibration gases from compressed gas cylinders, on-site electrochemical generators and diffusion systems. O2, CO, H2S, LEL (combustibles), Cl2, NH3, methane, ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes, hexane, benzene, toluene, ethylene, isobutylene, Freons (R134A, R22, R11, R12), ClO2, NO, NO2, mixed nitrogen oxides, phosphine, SO2, H2, CO2, silane, Zero air, ethylene oxide.

Shelf life of non-reactive calibration gases is 48 months from date of manufacture, shelf life for reactive gases varies: 6 months for NO2, 8 months for HCl, 9 months for Cl2, to 1 year for H2S, SO2, NH3, HCN, NO, PH3 and ETO.

Gasco Gas offers many different calibration concentrations in additioin to those listed. Please take a minute to call (972-985-0883) for availability of concentrations not shown

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