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Manufacturers Represented by SMG/interlink

Interlink Marketing Corporation and SMG/interlink® proudly represent the following manufacturers and services in support of the Environmental Safety and Health community, HVAC engineers and technicians, manufacturing companies, industrial and academic laboratories and our other customers requiring precision instruments. Please recognized some manufacturers limit us in the geographic territories we may serve with some of their product lines.

If you need an item from one of our manufacturers and it is not shown we often can obtain the desired item. Please call us at 800-804-6196 or 972-985-0883, or use the comment page for additional information.

  • MesaLabs – Bios – DryCal patented dry piston primary standard flow calibrators – Defender 510, 520, 530+, 
  • Dwyer – Intrinsically safe digital manometers, Pitot tubes, gas-flow measurement systems
  • Gasco Gas – Calibration gases, single and multiple component, Eco-Safe refillable cylinders, flow control valves, cylinder sizes from 17 L to 231 L
  • Graywolf Solomat – Digital micro manometers, 
  • Honeywell Safety Products USA – Gas detectors and confined space monitors – single and multi gas (LEL, H2S, O2, CO, Cl2, NH3, PH3, HCN, NO2, CO2, CH4, methane), SCBA testers, calibration gases
  • Sper Scientific – Digital manometers, anemometers, sound level meters, pH meters, light meters (visible, UVA/UVB/UVC), refractometers, indoor air quality monitors, WBGT heat stress monitors, radiation monitors
  • Testo – Digital manometers, borescopes, anemometers, thermometers, indoor air quality monitors, IR cameras, thermal imagers, moisture meters, humidity meters, data loggers, HVAC balancing tools

Service and Training Groups

Brandt Instruments Environmental & Safety Training – 2015 EPA Accredited Instructor – lead Lead-Based Paint Training Courses (Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor & Supervisor of Lead Abatement Projects). Accredited by Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Oklahoma.