Product Group Quick Selector

Product Group Quick Selector

SMG/interlink distributes instruments widely used by Safety and Industrial Hygiene professionals, by HVAC technicians for balancing air conditioning systems and hot air heating systems, by Safety and Industrial Hygiene Professionals and building managers for monitoring and testing of Indoor Air Quality, and by research laboratories, quality control laboratories, manufacturing,  food processors and semiconductor producers.


Digital anemometer


Digital Manometer - Sper 840086

Calibration Gases

Cal Gas Cylinder - 58 L Al

Pitot Tubes

Pitot tube

Flow Calibrators

MesaLabs Definer 220 Flow Calibrator

Posi3 USB SCBA Tester

Gas Detectors Gas Monitors

 Honeywell GasAlertMicroClip-XT

Sound Meters
(dB Meters)

 Sound level meter - Sper 850013 integrating SLM

Gas Monitor
Docking Stations

MicroDock II Automated Docking System


Sper 800042 HCCCP Food Safety Thermometer

Heat Stress

 WBGT Heat Stress Monitor - Sper 800037


Thermocouple probes

Indoor Air Quality
(IAQ) Monitors

Indoor Air Quality Monitor - Sper 800046

Water Quality (pH, ORP, DO)

 Sper AquaShock pH ORP Meter

You are encouraged to call us to discuss your applications and resolve any questions you may have. Phone lines are 1-800-804-6196 and 972-985-0883. Email addresses are <> and <>.



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