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SMG/interlink has been your reliable source for more than 20 years (since 1994) for Honeywell gas detectors, MesaLabs Drycal and FlexCal primary standard flow calibrators, PosiChek 3 and Posi USB SCBA test benches, Gasco Gas calibration gas, and Sper and Testo laboratory and process test instruments.

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Honeywell Gas Detectors

Single gas Honeywell gas detectors

Sensor elements for single gas detectors

Sensor elements for single gas detector instruments include: H2S, O2, LEL (lower explosive limit), CO, CO-H (carbon monoxide in hydrogen-rich environment), Cl2, CLO2, NH3, PH3, NO, NO2, HCl, SO2, HCN. Not all gas detectors are capable to detecting all target gases.

Multi-gas Honeywell gas detectors

Gases that can be detected by the PhD6 include: H2S, CO, CO-H (CO in hydrogen rich atmosphere), O2, LEL (lower explosive limit), VOC (via PID), NO, NO2, Cl2, ClO2, SO2, PH3, NH3, HCN, CO2 (via NDIR), CH4 (via NDIR).

Honeywell Docking Systems

Good safety practice as well as regulations require gas detector performance and use logs. The Honeywell IntelliDoX,  IQ6 Docking Station, and Honeywell MicroDock II  automated gas monitor docking stations are advanced tools contributing to effective and efficient management of personal gas detector and confined space monitor fleets. These docking systems automatically bump test, or fully calibrate each detector, recording use history, battery condition, sensor life estimate based on exposure, max exposure by event, event date and time, date and time of bump test or calibration, and user ID.

PosiChek3 SCBA Testers

Posichek USB SCBA test benches for testing any brand of self contained breathing apparatus or supplied air breathing-air system.  High pressure manifolds and sound detection are options.

MesaLabs Defender Drycal and FlexCal Flow Calibrators

Gasco Calibration Gas and Gas Mixtures

Gasco is our recommended source of calibration gas for gas detectors and confined space monitors. Gases are supplied in disposable aluminum and steel cylinders, and refillable aluminum cylinders. Prices for refilled cylinders are typically 20% to 25% less than one-way and first-use returnable cylinders.

  • Single gas in a carrier gas (common gases and concentrations are listed, concentrations in addition to those listed, as well as less common gases are only a phone call away: 972-985-0883).
  • Multi-gas mixtures (common mixes and carrier gases are listed. Concentrations in addition to those listed, and less commmon mixes are only a phone call away: 975-985-0883).
  • Gas flow regulators and other accessories.

Sper Scientific Test and Monitoring Instruments


You are encouraged to call us to discuss your applications and resolve any questions you may have. Phone lines are 1-800-804-6196 and 972-985-0883. Email addresses are <sales@smglink.com> and <edsward@smglink.com>.
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